Root Canal Therapy in Oakhurst NJ

Root canal therapy has a reputation for being scary, but don’t be fooled by the way this essential procedure is talked about in TV shows and movies. Here at Oakhurst Family Dental, we’re dedicated to keeping you comfortable and providing effective and virtually pain-free procedures. We use state-of-the-art methods and modern equipment to ensure it.

Under ideal circumstances, your teeth are impenetrable to bacteria. Unfortunately, either tooth decay due to plaque and tartar, or chips or cracks leave a tooth prone to infection. If the pulp, next to the nerve, becomes infected, then you are most likely in for pain, which can become excruciating in the worst cases, especially when you chew using the tooth or apply pressure to it. Sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks frequently occurs, too. Additional symptoms can include tooth discoloration or gum tenderness. Our local dentist in Oakhurst NJ will examine you and take x-rays to determine if root canal therapy is the right solution. The procedure begins with sufficient local anesthesia to keep you from feeling any undue pain. Most patients report that they feel very little or none at all. The injured pulp and nerve are removed by our local dentist in Oakhurst NJ. Then the canals are cleaned, disinfected, and sealed. Because your tooth has to be drilled down from the top to get access, you will need a crown to restore it. If you require multiple visits to complete the root canal, a temporary one is fitted. When the tooth fully heals, impressions are taken for the formation of a permanent one. With proper care and attentive oral hygiene, there is every reason to think that your tooth will have the same longevity as any other.

Depend on our local dentist in Oakhurst NJ for gentle care when it comes to performing root canal therapy. Call us right away to book an appointment.

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