Ocean Township kids dental care

Have you been looking for a superb pediatric dentist who can provide your child with excellent kids dental care? Are you concerned that your child may have a bad experience at the dentist’s office and not want to go to a dentist when they are an adult? You will be very happy to hear that our pediatric dentist, Dr. Victor, truly enjoys working with our youngest patients. In fact, our entire staff goes out of their way to make sure that children have comfortable and fun times when they come to our office. We know that the dental experiences kids have at a young age will play a major role in the way they feel about dental care in the future. For this reason we are always extremely careful to make sure that our youngest patients have a great time when they come in to see our Ocean Township dentist.

At Oakhurst Family Dental our expert and highly trained Ocean Township dentist is Dr. Richard J. Victor. Our dentist knows that he is often the major source of all dental information for parents, so he make sure that there is ample time left at the end of each dental visit for parents to have all of their questions answered about their child’s dental development and checkup.

It is generally recommended that children have their first dental visit when they receive their first baby tooth or when they reach one year of age – whichever happens first. This is because baby teeth play very important roles in a child’s development and it is important that the baby teeth are kept as healthy as possible so that they can stay in the child’s mouth for as long as needed. Baby teeth play three important functions. First of all, they act as placeholders for the permanent teeth; if baby teeth are missing the permanent teeth may not be able to come into their proper space and this will cause the need for orthodontic work later on. Baby teeth also help a child develop clear speech. And finally baby teeth help a child to their food thoroughly so that they will be able to digest it properly. Our dentist will also be able to determine that all important dental milestones are being reached by a child. He will also be able to determine if your child will benefit from interceptive orthodontics at a young age. This can save parents from costly orthodontic care, and often keep children from needing tooth extractions later on. For an appointment to see our Ocean Township dentist, contact us today.

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