Oakhurst Teeth Restorations

Dental restorations, like crowns and fixed bridges, give you the opportunity to replace missing teeth and make existing teeth whole, stronger, and give you a more appealing smile. At Oakhurst Family Dental, we address both the practical and the cosmetic reasons for getting restorations. Our dentist in Oakhurst NJ will evaluate your situation and discuss the options you have available.

Crowns are ideal when you have a tooth that has been weakened from advanced tooth decay or when you have a tooth that has become chipped, cracked, or is crooked. Even a discolored tooth can benefit from having a crown placed over it. Porcelain is a popular and useful material for making crowns, particularly over front teeth. Porcelain matches your natural tooth color very well. When you get a crown from our dentist in Oakhurst NJ, it will generally require you to make two visits to our office. First, impressions will be taken and sent to the dental lab, where your crown will be made to precision. When you return, the crown will be fitted, adjusted if necessary, and then cemented for a permanent placement.

A fixed bridge is used when you have one or more teeth that need to be fully replaced, due to extractions or any other reason for tooth loss. Fixed bridges have stood the test of time, for a very good reason: they work. They are safe, effective, and they look great. It’s held in by two methods. First, at the gum line, where it will be cemented for a secure fit by our dentist in Oakhurst NJ. Then, the tooth that is on either side of the bridge will have an anchor attached from those teeth to your bridge. This does require the loss of some tooth material and the placement of a crown on top to hold the anchor properly. The bridge will have one or more prosthetic teeth on a foundation that is colored to match your gums. As with a crown, porcelain is often chosen for its advantages in matching tooth color. And unlike with removable bridges (dentures), you won’t have to use messy and unreliable adhesives to hold it in. You will be able to chew and speak with full confidence.

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