I’ve been in private practice for many years, yet I haven’t forgotten the reasons I went into dentistry three decades ago. And that was to make a difference.

What am I talking about here? Making a difference?

That’s not about just rendering the finest care possible – true or not, all dentists say that – but it’s all about the way patients should be treated. I know, I’ve been a dental patient like you.

Most people strongly dislike going to the dentist. Chances are you’re one of those people. But if fear of the dentist isn’t bad enough, do you think it’s better if the doctor doesn’t adequately take the time to explain treatment to you? Or frighten you into making an instant (and costly) decision to undergo a procedure as if he or she was trying to sell you a car? How about the excessive time you had to wait in the waiting room prior to treatment….. without even an apology from the doctor? Isn’t YOUR time equally as important? And how much time were you actually seen by the doctor…. instead of his auxiliary staff?

I’m not going to promise you the moon and the stars if you become one of my patients, but I can tell you I’m going to spend as much time as needed to explain every treatment option available. And you’ll hear it from me, not from my staff. And long waits in my office are absolutely unacceptable….. and rarely occur. I don’t frighten people into treatment: every option is explained and you, the patient, decide when you wish treatment to begin. There’s also never a fee for a general consultation.

Recently I called a large, national chain dental clinic to discuss a mutual patient who was away at college and needed emergency dental care. After taking nearly five minutes to navigate the annoying and impersonal digital response system, only to get disconnected, I finally got through to a human being. After being mistakenly transferred to two different billing departments, I finally spoke to an office manager who didn’t remember the patient even though he was seen there the day before. I was told the treating doctor would call me back after reviewing the patient’s record. My return call came nearly four hours later…. from the doctor’s assistant! The doctor was “too busy” to come to the phone hours later. And this was to speak to a fellow dentist regarding patient treatment!

Does this sound familiar? Personally, it disgusts me. I know we’re in the 21st century now, but certain things should never be replaced: and that is commitment to serve your patients in a respectful manner. I sincerely hope I can earn the opportunity to provide you and your family the care you deserve!