Kids dental care in 07755

Are you looking for an expert and highly-trained dentist to help take care of your child’s teeth? If so we know you will be extremely pleased with the dental care your child will receive at Oakhurst Family Dental. Our pediatric dentist 07755 will make sure that your child has a fun and relaxing visit at our dental practice.

At Oakhurst Family Dentist our top-notch pediatric dentist 07755 is Dr. Richard J. Victor. Our Oakhurst practice has been open since 2000. Our entire office has a personal and relaxing feel, and we know that you and your child will enjoy your visits to our office. We know this is very important, because the care your child receives will have a great impact on his or her desire to seek out dental care when it is needed in the future. Although we provide dental care to patients of all ages we do enjoy working with children. At our office we specialize in preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental care. It is generally recommended that your child comes in for his or her first dental visit when their first baby tooth erupts or when they reach one year of age, whichever comes first.

We know that our pediatric dentist 07755 is the primary source of dental care information for many of our parents. For this reason we make sure to provide extra time at the end of each visit for parents to ask all of their dental-related questions. It is very important to take excellent care of baby teeth because they serve several critical functions for the child. Baby teeth act as placeholders for permanent teeth. If they are not there to provide this function, permanent teeth may come in in the wrong position or push another permanent tooth out of place. Baby teeth are also used to help the child learn to speak correctly, and to ensure that food is well chewed for proper digestion. Our dentist is also very familiar with the many different developmental stages that a child’s teeth and mouth go through. He is able to determine that your child is meeting all the important developmental milestones and is enjoying good dental health. Our dentist will also be able to provide some great preventive dental therapies to help keep any tooth decay to a minimum. We offer fluoride treatments as well as dental sealants to help protect your child’s teeth from getting cavities. If you would like an appointment for your child to come in and see our dentist at Oakhurst family dental simply contact us today.

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