Invisalign Orthodontics in Oakhurst

Having a perfect smile is important for many individuals. The way that your teeth are lined up in the way that they fit in your smile tends to differ from person to person, and some individuals may feel more sensitive about the way that their teeth look more than others. Some people need to undergo orthodontic treatment in order to correct by problems or other issues with their teeth, but there are also plenty of people who are interested in orthodontic treatment for cosmetic reasons. When you different options when it comes to choosing braces, though it often also depends on your specific needs as well as your budget. If you happen to be interested in getting braces in order to help improve the overall parents of your smile, then he may be especially interested in invisible braces. With Oakhurst Invisalign here at Oakhurst Family Dental you can achieve the smile of your dreams without anyone even knowing that you were wearing braces to begin with!

When people often think of braces they tend to imagine the traditional metal kind complete with brackets and wires. True, traditional metal braces are the most commonly prescribed braces and they often tend to be the most versatile want to comes to tackling various types of bite problems and issues concerning crookedness of teeth. But not every patient needs this kind of treatment, in fact some patients may be eligible for other options including invisible braces. Here at Oakhurst Family Dental our orthodontist would be more than happy to thoroughly examine your teeth and determine which type of braces you might be eligible for, including invisible braces. With Oakhurst Invisalign you can improve the overall appearance and structure of your teeth without anyone even knowing that you were wearing braces at all! Much like traditional braces, invisible braces still use the power physics you gently guide your teeth into a straighter formation over a period of time. Unlike traditional braces however, invisible braces do not use brackets or wires at all. Instead they use aligner trays made from a clear plastic that are specifically designed in order to fit over your teeth. You will generally have a tray for each row of teeth that you have, one for the top row and one for the bottom, and our orthodontist here at Oakhurst Family Dental will have you fitted for a new set of trays about once every two weeks in order to help perpetuate the gradual movement of your teeth throughout the duration of your treatment.

In addition to the overall appearance of invisible braces, there are other benefits that might interest you as well. Wearing Oakhurst Invisalign braces you will not need to worry about getting food caught in them nor will you have to learn to adjust to your braces when it comes to oral hygiene as well. During meal times, you can easily remove your aligner trays in order to avoid getting food cotton them or any other issues that might come with eating, biting, and chewing. You can also easily remove them whenever you brush your teeth see you do not have to adjust to cleaning around brackets and wires in order to thoroughly take care of your teeth and gums daily. If you happen to be interested in what invisible braces can do for you and do you want to find out whether they are a viable option, then please call us here at Oakhurst Family Dental and book a consultation today.

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