General dentist in Oakhurst NJ

Are you looking for an exceptional dentist who will be able to provide you and your entire family with the finest dental care available? If so, you will want to visit our dentist at our 07755 dental office, Oakhurst Family Dental.

At our practice, Oakhurst Family Dental, our highly trained and well respected dentist is Dr. Richard J. Victor. Our 07755 dental office been serving patients from our location near the Monmouth Mall and the Asbury Circle since 2000. We think you will enjoy visiting our unique office design and home style appearance that we find is both welcoming and relaxing for our patients. Our practice is able to meet all of your general and cosmetic dental needs. Our doctor enjoys over 30 years’ experience in the field, however our practice has state-of-the-art technology and employs the most modern and proven dental care procedures when treating patients. Today there is no reason why a patient should have a less than perfect smile. We advise our patients of procedures that can be done to help provide our patients with the beautiful smiles they deserve and want. However we are very aware of the cost of dental care, and try to come up with cost-effective solutions to help meet our patients’ dental needs.

Among the services you can get at our 07755 dental office are: emergency dental care; porcelain veneers; root canal treatment; tooth extractions; comprehensive exams; professional tooth cleanings; porcelain crowns; fixed bridges; tooth-colored composite fillings; implant restoration; cosmetic dental bonding; teeth whitening; removable dentures; and dental sealants. Whatever your dental need, we will be able to successfully meet them. With new dental procedures and newer developments in anesthesia, dental procedures can be done while patients remain in total comfort. You will not experience any discomfort while having treatments performed at our office. Even root canal treatments are performed while the patient remains comfortable and totally relaxed. If you would like an appointment to be seen by our expert dentist, Dr. Victor, simply make an appointment today at Oakhurst Family Dental. We look forward to welcoming you into our dental care practice family, and seeing your beautiful smile!

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