Dentist in Oakhurst

Whether you need preventative care, to replace a missing tooth, whiter teeth, or you have tooth pain that you need relief from, you can count on us at Oakhurst Family Dental. With our Oakhurst family dentist, there is no reason to have to bounce around from one specialist to another every time your child or you needs dental care. You can feel assured that you’re going to be treated with gentle and expert attention. Dr. Richard Victor and our entire staff are dedicated to addressing your needs as a unique individual. Not only are we pleased to treat children and seniors, but we’re proud to have the patience and expertise to do so in a highly effective manor. Your comfort is our priority.

The key to healthy and strong teeth is regular dental exams, preferably every six months. Our Oakhurst family dentist will check your teeth, take x-rays, and do a teeth cleaning to prevent plaque and tartar from wreaking havoc in your mouth. Today’s small cavities can end up as large cavities later. Infections, root canals, and extractions can follow. So timely exams are a huge advantage in the battle to avoid those complications. Of course, if you do need a root canal or a tooth removed, you can have the full confidence to know that it will be done smoothly and as pain-free as possible.

Crowns, bridges and dentures are all efficient methods of restoring or replacing teeth. There is no need to settle for less than a full smile. Porcelain is at the top of today’s choices in restoration materials, offering a combination of strength, matching the color of your teeth, and superior resistance to stains. Veneers can correct the look of chipped, crooked, misshapen, or poorly-gapped teeth. Our Oakhurst family dentist is concerned with your dental health, but also with helping you to achieve the best-looking teeth, too.

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