Dental Exam in Oakhurst

Can you remember the last time you had a dental exam? It is very important to have a periodic dental exam to make sure that your teeth and gums are staying healthy. When it comes to expert dental care, the old adage is certainly true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When problems are found early during a regular dental exam, they are generally much easier to treat. In addition, having periodic dental exams can also be very cost-effective. This is because dental problems are generally much less costly to fix in the early stages, rather than later on after serious dental issues have occurred. We hope that you will visit our Oakhurst dentist soon at Oakhurst Family Dental.

At our dental practice, our expert and highly trained dentist is Dr. Richard J. Victor. At our office, our number one concern is the safety and comfort of our patients. We want our patients to always have a relaxed and stress-free time at our dental practice. We want everyone to be able to have the dental treatment that they need, and will always present alternative solutions and cost-efficient treatment plans so that they can fit any budget. When you come to us for a dental exam, you will be happy to know that we work with almost all third-party insurance plans. And generally, if you are having a general consultation, there is no fee charged by our Oakhurst dentist.

During our dental exams, our Oakhurst dentist will most likely recommend that you have a full set of x-rays taken. Our dentist will review the x-rays and then thoroughly examine your teeth to make sure that there are no cavities developing or any problems developing, such as cavities, or cracked fillings. Our dentist will then assess your gum health to make sure you do not have gingivitis or mild to advanced gum disease. If it is determined that you have early gum problems, our dentist may simply recommend that you have several dental cleanings over the coming months to get your gums back into excellent health. With advanced gum disease, our dentist may recommend that you have a periodontal scaling and root planing treatment to help your gums regain their health. Additionally, as part of your dental exam, our Oakhurst dentistwill thoroughly assess your mouth for any signs of oral cancer. Your bite will also be carefully checked to make sure that no problems are developing that may be caused by TMJ or other serious conditions. For an appointment to meet with our dentist at Oakhurst Family Dental, contact us today.

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