Dental Care for All Ages in Oakhurst

If you are looking for an excellent dentist who can provide complete dental care for all members of your family, you will want to visit us at Oakhurst Family Dental. Our dentist in Oakhurst, Dr. Richard Victor, offers many different types of dental treatments for all members of the family.

It is generally recommended that children come in for their first dental visit when their first baby tooth erupts, or when they reach one year of age – whichever occurs first. Baby teeth play many important roles in your child’s mouth, so it is important that they come in for dental exams and gentle dental cleanings. Baby teeth act as placeholders for permanent teeth, help a child to develop clear speaking habits, and help the child chew his or her food correctly for complete digestion. For all these reasons, you will want to make sure that your child comes in to see our dentist in Oakhurst on a regular basis for dental care. We also offer many different types of dental services for all of our patients. We offer dental exams and cleanings to make sure that everyone’s teeth and gums remain healthy. If you need cosmetic dental services, we can provide these as well, including cosmetic bonding and teeth whitening. We also can provide patients with porcelain veneers for teeth which are cosmetically damaged and need to have their appearance improved. If you have missing teeth that need to be replaced, we offer fixed or removable bridges, as well as dentures. If you have a tooth which is damaged and needs to be strengthened, our dentist can provide you with a porcelain crown which will cover the tooth in all sides and protect the tooth. When you have a tooth that is infected our dentist can provide you with a root canal treatment while you remain perfectly comfortable due to our use of modern dental anesthesia. We also offer dental implants to replace missing teeth, as well as many other dental services.

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