Adjusting to Wearing Dentures in Oakhurst

You did everything you could to salvage your teeth…but father time is undefeated. And dental loss is a very common factor for older folks. However, this harsh reality doesn’t mean you need to just toothlessly grin and bear it. Nope—quite the opposite. Treat yourself to a full smile through Oakhurst Family Dental’s dentures in Oakhurst.

It’s really that simple. Of course, after you get dentures in Oakhurst, you must be very, very diligent in taking care of them. You can’t clean them entirely the same way you would natural teeth. Rather than using toothpaste (an abrasive that potentially creates tiny scratches on dentures), clean with a soft-bristle brush and water. Steer clear of the hard bristle variety because they’re known to wear down ventures. As you clean, make sure to apply gentle pressure. What do you rinse with? A denture cleaner like mild dishwashing liquid and/or hand soap are great options. Repeat after me, “I will never use bleach to clean my fancy new Oakhurst Family Dental dentures.” Good. Congratulations, you just avoided whitening the gum portion of the denture. If you’re not wearing them (during sleep, etc.), diligently drop them into a solution-filled container for a nightly soak—just make sure the dentures don’t have metal attachments while doing so. Depending on your situation, you may or may not need full or partial dentures, so keep that in consideration.

So many rules, right? Don’t feel overwhelmed, denture maintenance is really quite simple. You just need to form the habit—shouldn’t take long. The first thing you’ll want to do is get yourself informed by speaking to one of our professionals at Oakhurst Family Dental before sprinting straight toward Dentures in Oakhurst. Set up an appointment via your phone or directly through our website. See? That simple.

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